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Date Speaker Title Type Time TALK Mb SLIDES Mb NOTES Mb
Jan 7 2018Roger SharpeThere will be Peace on EarthPublic Talk43.2021.56
May 29 2016Steve LawThe Bible-a book for todayPublic Talk44.477.69
May 15 2016Roger TurnerBible teaching on the soulPublic Talk29.415.100.86
May 1 2016Joshua HarrisonThe Bible - our destination guidePublic Talk20.103.462.96
Apr 17 2016Roger LongWhat is the world coming to - the Bible answerPublic Talk46.448.0210.52
Apr 10 2016Andrew PearceArchaeology supports the BiblePublic Talk52.018.939.73
Apr 3 2016Kitson ReidGods roadmap to peacePublic Talk44.587.72
Jan 17 2016Philip MallinderKeep calm - Angels at workPublic Talk38.416.640.98
Jul 19 2015James TrelferNoahs flood - Lessons for todayPublic Talk35.506.150.52
Apr 26 2015Kevin SweeneyThe purpose of the Holy SpiritPublic Talk48.398.35
Apr 19 2015Steve EllisDiscovering GodPublic Talk38.426.642.65
Apr 12 2015Mike FletcherNobodys going to heavenPublic Talk36.126.223.15
Apr 5 2015Roger SharpeWhat the Bible really says about God and His SonPublic Talk36.526.330.94
Mar 29 2015Roger TurnerWill there ever be peace in the world ?Public Talk27.114.671.03
Mar 22 2015James MantonGods PlanPublic Talk38.526.67
Mar 8 2015Paul DaviesPreparing for judgementPublic Talk27.004.64
Jan 25 2015Jonathan MillarHope in a hopeless worldPublic Talk27.514.781.25
Jan 18 2015Peter BrownAre you looking for an easy life ?Public Talk31.515.47
Jan 11 2015Mick RobertsFirst things firstPublic Talk37.426.471.65
Jan 4 2015Peter StevensThe reason whyPublic Talk39.556.85
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