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Date Speaker Title Type Time TALK Mb SLIDES Mb NOTES Mb
Jul 6 2008James PearsonBetter the devil you knowPublic Talk30.205.300.320.05
Jun 29 2008Simon ParsonsThe Bible and medicinePublic Talk54.229.205.30
Jun 28 2008Michael AshtonHe hath laid my vine waste (Joel 1)Prophecy Day54.119.50
Jun 28 2008Richard PalmerThe Northern Army (Joel 2)Prophecy Day57.5110.000.50
Jun 28 2008Michael AshtonI shall bring again the captivity (Joel 3)Prophecy Day55.409.80
Jun 22 2008Mark BastenIs our English Bible accurate ?Public Talk42.057.605.80
Jun 15 2008Rob NewmanThe Holy Spirit is God's PowerPublic Talk33.365.90
Jun 11 2008Steve EllisJerusalem's Role in World PeaceAddress51.359.001.10
Jun 8 2008Andrew GodberThe Promises to AbrahamPublic Talk35.256.20
Jun 1 2008Nicholas WhiteBible-Source of Religious AuthorityPublic Talk39.096.803.30
May 25 2008Simon SheppardThe Jews:God's WitnessesPublic Talk27.325.000.26
May 18 2008Robin BastenSound DoctrinePublic Talk40.167.10
May 11 2008Allan HarveyYe [The Jews] are My witnessesPublic Talk40.447.10
May 4 2008Geoff PurkisThere shall be a resurrectionPublic Talk38.256.70
Apr 27 2008Terry JohnsonGod created the heaven/earthPublic Talk44.167.80
Apr 20 2008Peter LambsdownBible Teaching about nature of ChristPublic Talk39.477.00
Apr 13 2008Philip WeatherallBible Teaching about the SabbathPublic Talk40.327.10
Sep 8 2002Peter EdwardsRemembering JesusPublic Talk31.595.50
Aug 11 2002John BastenJesus Christ, The suffering servant & future KingPublic Talk36.524.22
Dec 2 1984A.D NorrisWhat is the use of speaking with tongues ?Public Talk44.405.10
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